Michael Says He's "Very Much In Contact" With Lisa Now They've Both Left Paradise

Romance brewing?

Michael Says He's "Very Much In Contact" With Lisa Now They've Both Left Paradise Network Ten

Last night, Michael, Luke and Lisa all left Bachelor In Paradise and now that we know that Luke and Lisa didn't last on the outside, we should probably check in on Michael.

Michael left Paradise after coming to the realisation that he wasn't clicking with anyone on the show and didn't want to be there just for the sake of being there.

He decided to leave and once he did, he posted a video on instagram explaining his decision and thanking his fans for their support.


Now, you may remember that right before he decided to leave, Michael gave a rose to Lisa, who was in a relationship with Luke at the time.

He burst into tears after making his decision, saying that he "dogged" his mate, before Lisa said she was happy where she was and that she didn't want to pursue anything new just yet.

This morning, however, after finding out that Luke and Lisa had broken up, Michael revealed to WHO that he and Lisa talk all the time.

"I speak to Lisa quite often actually. Lisa's a very good friend of mine and I think the world of her, we're very much in contact.

"I think Lisa and I just need time, now that Paradise is over. So I think we just have to wait and see what happens."


Michael says he doesn't talk to Luke and that he definitely strained his relationship with the Soul Society founder.

"It probably would have pi**ed him off. But at the end of the day you do what's right for yourself and I think I did it in a very respectful way. It was in front of everyone, I didn't go behind anyones back, I'd put it out in the open. So it did put a handbrake on our friendship, but I haven't got any hard feelings. 

"I don't talk to Luke. Not that I have anything against him, he's a good guy but there's just no need to talk to him. It's not like we're living in the same city, but we can't be friends with everyone I guess."


So will a romance between Lisa and Michael begin?

The pair said they would be willing to meet up on Studio 10 this morning and we totally ship it!


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