Megan Reveals Whether Or Not She Can Give Her Rose To A Girl On 'Bachelor In Paradise'

Is she allowed?

Megan Reveals Whether Or Not She Can Give Her Rose To A Girl On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Ten

Megan Marx has opened up about one of the biggest questions from Bachelor In Paradise!

By now we are used to the constant rose ceremonies on Bachelor In Paradise, which are arranged by gender. The girls and guys take turns to give roses to each other in different episodes. It is made obvious that either the girls or guys are safe that week, and it appears they are expected to give their rose to someone of the opposite sex. 

However, when it comes to the lovely Megan Marx, things are a little different. Megan openly stated that she was into both guys and girls when she arrived in Fiji, and she was previously in a high profile relationship with fellow ex-Bachelor contestant Tiffany.

This left fans asking whether Megan would be allowed to follow her heart if she felt a connection with another woman in Paradise. Would she be forced to follow the rules and give a rose to a guy, even if she was falling for a girl?

Megan took to Instagram to explain that despite the way the rose ceremony is set up, she definitely would be allowed to give a rose to a girl if she wanted to.



She wrote, "A question I keep getting asked: Can I give my rose to ANYONE? Since I’m openly into guys AND girls?

"I love that @bachelorinparadiseau and @osher_gunsberg have given me a platform to be who I am and show alternate sexualities. Yes, I am aware that I was going into a show where people would be predominantly straight. A concern was that I would make women on the show feel uncomfortable- the last thing I wanted was to make a move on someone that didn’t swing my way! Not one person in Paradise made me feel less than normal, less than loved, less than accepted. Thank you.

"However, I’m getting a lot of comments and questions like, ‘I thought Megan was a lesbian/ lemon. What, is she straight now? Didn’t you turn gay?

"My innate sexuality hasn’t changed since before I can remember. Just because I’m with a woman, it doesn’t make me a lesbian. And if I am with a man, it doesn’t make me straight. 

"I came onto the show looking for a monogamous relationship, that’s all. And so- the answer is that YES - I was allowed to give my rose to anyone."

While Megan seems to have a connection with Jake right now, things might change when Elora enters the picture this week!

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