Megan Marx Has Openly Discussed Her Various Plastic Surgeries

See what she used to look like!

Megan Marx Has Openly Discussed Her Various Plastic Surgeries Network Ten

Megan Marx has decided to openly discuss the various surgeries she has undergone since her first marriage.

The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise star explained what kind of alterations she's had and that it didn't happen before she left her cult upbringing in Geraldton, WA. 

"I got my boobs done just before I got married.

"It's bizarre, right? I hadn't even had sex yet and saved up and didn't tell a single person that I went off to get them done."


Megan explained that she decided to get a boob job at 18 to help her chances of landing a husband in the cult she was raised in, as singles were pressured to get married.

Since then, however, Megan said that she has had Botox, lip fillers, cheek fillers and a temporary "liquid nose job" before having nose fillers.

"I like to eat healthy and work out, but no matter how much of that you do, your nose doesn't get any smaller.

"When I woke up, it was like there was a brick on my face. It was so tight and swollen and I had a big cast on."

She says that she received the surgery in Sydney and afterwards, Elora Murger escorted her home.

"Elora [Murger] came to pick me up as I was staying at her house and as we walked back everyone was staring. I had blood dripping out of my nose and I was high from the drugs!

"For the first few days there's loads of gunk and blood coming out and I felt like rubbish, to be honest. I knew I'd look terrible – it was the worst I've ever looked in my life."

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