Megan Marx Addresses The "Queer-Baiting" Used In Bachelor In Paradise Promos

Remember THAT promo...

Megan Marx Addresses The "Queer-Baiting" Used In Bachelor In Paradise Promos Network Ten

Before Bachelor In Paradise aired, a promotion for the series showed Megan Marx kissing a long-haired stranger during a midnight swim.

In the promo, the scene was surrounded by images of her talking to Elora and so, viewers assumed that we could, perhaps, have our first same-sex couple on an Australian Bachelor series.

We found out a few days ago, though, that we were incorrect and the person Megan was kissing was, in fact, Canadian intruder Thomas.


Soon after the episode aired, fans accused Bachelor In Paradise of "queer-baiting", or using someone's bisexuality to simply increase ratings.


This morning, Megan has opened up about the queer-baiting on Instagram, saying that she's disappointed that the network chose to use her sexuality as a tool, but she is still grateful for what they've done for her.


"There's been a lot of harangue about the queer baiting that was involved in the promotion of the show. I too was disappointed that my sexuality was used as leverage when truth (the fact that I'm a sexual minority at all!) is always the most respectful option.

"However I'm still grateful Bachelor In Paradise gave me a platform to be myself and pursue any relationship I wanted to - they always made it clear they supported me, and were even respectful and open in me posting this message.

"A big apology to those who were offended, I know we can do better - we have a long way to go in Australia."

Megan is currently with Jake on the show, so even after this romantic date, Thomas didn't even win her over... 

Talk about an anti-climax!


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