Meet The Women Of 2018’s ‘The Bachelor’

Pick YOUR fave!

Meet The Women Of 2018’s ‘The Bachelor’ Channel 10

We know all you reality TV lovers have been eagerly awaiting your next dose of drama, so the announcement of the full list of contestants for this year’s The Bachelor must have you jumping for joy. 

Today, Channel 10 has revealed all the women who will be vying for Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins’ heart. 

One thing which fans can’t help but comment on is how many girls there seem to be this year - sure, there are only 25 girls there, but it feels like so many more!


This year’s season is definitely going to be brutal with eliminations…

Meet all 25 girls below!

Aleksandra, 31, VIC

Alisha, 25, ACT

Ashlea, 30, QLD

Autumn, 29, VIC

Blair, 27, QLD

Brittany, 30, NSW

Brooke, 23, WA

Cass, 23, NSW

Cat, 24, Bali


Cayla T, 27, QLD


Christina, 23, QLD


Dasha, 32, SA


Emily, 24, ACT


Juliana, 29, NSW


Kayla G, 25, SA


Renee, 30, VIC


Rhiannon, 28, QLD


Romy, 29, QLD


Shannon, 25, VIC


Sophie, 25, QLD


Steph, 23, VIC


Susie, 30, WA


Tenille, 25, QLD


Urszula, 34, VIC


Vanessa Sunshine, 27, VIC



The network has revealed more about all the ladies here, so go pick your fave!

Get ready Australia, this is going to be a wild ride of a season!

The Bachelor 2018 premieres this Wednesday, August 15, 7.30pm on Channel Ten. 


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