Meet Brett's Girlfriend AKA One Of Matty J's Bachelorettes!

Why is he on the island again?

Meet Brett's Girlfriend AKA One Of Matty J's Bachelorettes! Channel Ten

Last night, fans got a bit of a surprise when national treasure, Tara, told Michael and Lisa that Brett not only has a girlfriend outside the show, but she actually knows her very well!

Leah told Amos, Cat & Angus, Hit107's breakfast team, that Brett had a girlfriend last week and now that it's come out on the show, everyone's wondering who she is and why he even decided to be a contestant on Bachelor In Paradise?!


During the episode, Tara revealed that she's actually friends with Brett's girlfriend and that's because they both appeared on Matty J's season of The Bachelor together!

Turns out, Brett is dating Stephanie Boulton!


Stephanie left The Bachelor pretty early on, but let's not forget that she was the one to drop "game on moles" during the medieval group date...


Stephanie and Brett are pretty close and although he has made his Instagram account private, she has left hers open to Australia, allowing us all to see them cozied up in some very scenic locations!


They look very happy together, so why is Brett on Bachelor In Paradise?

Florence told TV Week that both Brett and Stephanie decided to join the show because their relationship wasn't serious.

"Brett told me that he was seeing someone outside of Paradise, but it wasn't that serious.

"Brett got the call to appear on the show and he said yes, then Stephanie got the call and said yes too.

"They both agreed they weren't officially together and agreed to do it to see what happens.

"It's not fair to other people."


It'll be interesting to see what he does when he gets a date card...


Leah Reveals That Brett Had A Girlfriend Whilst On Bachelor In Paradise