Matty J & Laura Byrne Share The Deets On Post Camera Hanky Panky

Here's what went down!

Matty J & Laura Byrne Share The Deets On Post Camera Hanky Panky Channel 10

Yes, yes, Australia's broken-hearted boy Matty J found love with the woman of his dreams and tbh, we couldn't be more thrilled... but it's been over 12 hours now, so we're ready for all the hot goss. 

It's true, as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, Matty J and Laura Byrne got. it. on - probably while Elise was chilling in the villa next door - but, can you blame them? Laura just had to watch her man date 20 other women at the same time for three months straight, all while not knowing whether or not he was even in love with her back.. you'd think she'd be pretty darn ready to claim her prize. 

Speaking with Hit105's Stav, Abby & Matt with Osher this morning, the couple shared some of the details of their first night of... well, no cameras. 

And for those of you thinking Matty was a smooth sailor, think again! 

"It's funny, I remember, I was in my villa and I was waiting for Laura to arrive.

"I dimmed the lights, I put some music on, I plumped up the cushions, then I turned the lights back on, and then I changed the song," Matty laughed. 

"Yeah, then he ordered about $300 over the mini bar and menu, and I rocked up and there was a plethora of food," Laura said. "And... that's what we did for the start." 

You can catch their full interview below! 

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