Married At First Sight Could Now Be Causing Flight Delays!

The addiction is real!

Married At First Sight Could Now Be Causing Flight Delays! Channel Nine

It’s never a good time when flights are delayed and let’s be real, it can be very frustrating… it is even more frustrating when the delays could’ve been avoided.

This morning on 2DayFM Breakfast with Em, Grant & Ed, whilst discussing the incredibly drama-filled dinner party on MAFS last night, a listener of the show named Zoe called in to dob in a co-worker!

Zoe works at an airport and she told the guys that, “big, burly blokes that work with me sit in the meal room and will delay planes for anywhere up to half an hour because they cannot get their eyes off that TV screen.”

Naturally, Em was NOT impressed asking, “wait, I’m sorry, did you just say that planes are getting delayed for up to half an hour at Sydney Airport because they are in the meal room watching Married At First Sight?”

Em even went as far as saying she was OUTRAGED! 

Zoe added, “Your bags are not being put on time because they wanna watch this silly show.”

“This is a scandal!” Grant added.

Okay one, Zoe it is not silly.

MAFS is life and also as much as we wanna be mad, we also understand the addiction to the show.

But could this really be true?


Caller Claims MAFS Is Delaying Flights Because Workers Can't Stop Watching It!