Mama June Shannon Has Been Rushed To Hospital

She woke up in excruciating pain...

Mama June Shannon Has Been Rushed To Hospital

Images: Authentic Entertainment / People

Mama June Shannon has been rushed to horrible after she woke up "in excruciating pain".

During an episode of Mama June Shannon: From Not To Hot, the reality star woke up and was worried that something had gone "really wrong" with her post-op recovery.

June said the pain was so bad she could barely move her body.

Image: WeTV

She yelled out to her daughters for help, telling them that she "can't even get up.

"This pain I've never felt in my whole damn life.

"Something's really wrong."

She was rushed to the ER where she received a series of tests to try and find out what was causing the pain.

Whilst in the emergency room, a doctor explains to June that the tests results they received were "not what we thought" before the show ended.

We hope Mama June is doing okay.