MAFS' Tracey & Sean Are Now A COUPLE & These Romantic Pics Prove It


MAFS' Tracey & Sean Are Now A COUPLE & These Romantic Pics Prove It Channel Nine

We’ve woken up this morning to some mind-reeling reports that have blown our mind:

Tracey Jewel is now with, yes WITH, Sean Thomsen and we cannot handle it!

Tracey split from MAFS ‘husband’ Dean Wells on the show last night, but New Idea has revealed that Tracey and Sean are now in a romantic relationship together!

The duo, both 34, were pictured while on a holiday in Bali together, looking all loved up and happy.


An onlooker told New Idea, "They looked relaxed and really happy to be together.

"They looked like they were in the giddy, early stages of love. In fact, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other, stopping frequently to kiss!

"They lay down on the beach, with Tracey on top of Sean.

"Then Sean lifted Tracey and pretended to throw her in the ocean. Between the amorous play fights and frequent kiss stops, they looked like a typical couple in love.”

OMFG we cannot handle this!!!

New Idea confirmed the couple are “practically living together,” with the amount of time they spend at Tracey’s place with her daughter Grace

We can’t wait to see what happens at the Married At First Sight reunion. 

What a way to start our Monday...


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