MAFS Star Reveals She Seeked Professional Mental Help Following The Show

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MAFS Star Reveals She Seeked Professional Mental Help Following The Show

Image Credit: Channel Nine

Bella Frizza from last season of Married At First Sight has come forward and revealed that she needed professional help after being on the show.

Earlier this week, this season’s stars, Lauren and Susan, stated that they weren’t too happy with the way they were treated on MAFS.

Basically slamming the producers of cruel emotional manipulation and abuse.

Now, Bella has opened up about her time on the show and revealed that things got so overwhelming with the whole process, she needed professional help.

Bella told Scoopla, “It just takes you out of your normal life and life style. I got abused on social media for weeks after so that’s why I needed the help.

"It’s a tough time for anyone who has to put their life on hold and commit to this intense process."

Adding, “I actually went to a psychologist for a bit after it because it was really intense.... it just takes over your life.”


She also stated that she can’t watch this season of MAFS without it taking her straight back to those emotions.

Bella, who has now found her true love, continued, “I get anxiety throughout it, because it starts bringing up like when I was in it.”


Unlike this season's stars, Bella wanted to make it clear that she was treated very well by producers of the show, saying, “We had access to a psychologist the whole time, he called me every second day.... and they offered to give me several sessions for psychologists after the show which I took them up on.”


We are glad that Bella had the support she needed during that time, and we hope the contestants from this year seek help if they need it.

If you are concerned about your own emotional wellbeing, are experiencing a personal crisis or are concerned about someone else, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or at