MAFS Sean's New Girlfriend Looks A Lot Like Susan... And Actually, Is It Susan?


MAFS Sean's New Girlfriend Looks A Lot Like Susan... And Actually, Is It Susan? @seanhollandsmafs Instagram

You might remember that yesterday, a few rumours started circulating around the internet saying that Susan from Married At First Sight is now expecting her first child!

Reports suggested that she was already four months into her pregnancy and that she had met the father of the child through an online dating site.

Now, though, Sean Hollands, Susan's TV husband, has posted a very confusing picture on Instagram that we just can't wrap our heads around...

Yesterday, Sean posted a photo of himself romantically kissing his new woman behind his signature cowboy hat... the thing is though, his new woman seems to look A LOT like Susan!


Now, this cryptic post could mean one of three things!

Firstly, Sean may have found a great new woman who he's now head over heels for and she just might happen to look a lot like his former reality TV flame.

No harm in that, right?

Or, this could be a romantic flashback to his days on Married At First Sight with Susan and he could be reminiscing about the fun times they had together.

He did put "9married" in the hashtags after all...

Or, and this one is a bit of a stretch but hear us out, this could, in fact, be a recent photo of Susan and Sean who have reconnected since their TV marriage ended.

This would mean that the pregnancy rumours either weren't true at all, or, are technically true, but some specific details may have just been incorrect.


We're so confused right now...