MAFS' Sean & Tracey Just Revealed How They Got Together!

They went for it VERY quickly!

MAFS' Sean & Tracey Just Revealed How They Got Together! Channel Nine

Last nights Married At First Sight was DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA from the start.

The one thing that left Australia shocked most was Sean’s entrance and not only because of that stunning gold jacket he decided to wear.


Sean started by hugging everyone but then when he approached Tracey, you could kind of tell something was up and then they full on kissed each other in front of all the other brides and grooms.

Joining the Hit Network's Em, Grant & Ed this morning, Sean was asked when they first got together and he said "so after Tracey finished with Deano, she reached out to me via text and we only live five minutes away, so what is the harm?’’

Further probed as to whether they are still together, Sean said that "of course we are, I am looking at her right now." 

Tonight’s Married At First Sight has MORE fireworks and a shock.. so could it be a break-up... like, are they playing a game with us?

Listen to the full chat below;

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