MAFS' Sean Reportedly Has A New Girlfriend!

Has he truly found love?

MAFS' Sean Reportedly Has A New Girlfriend!

Image: Channel Nine

Sean Hollands was one of our favourite people on this season of Married At First Sight.

When he and his wife Susan split, Australia was inconsolable.


Then, when Susan came out after the show and suggested that Sean wasn't as nice as he seemed, we were both confused and crushed.

The farmer said that he didn't know what he'd "done wrong" and that they kept in contact up until recently.

But despite the ups and downs of the show, Sean seems to have found love back in Queensland.

Women's Day has reported that the farmer is now seeing a fellow horse lover back home.

According to the magazine, the two have been friends for years and she loves a good rodeo just as much as he does.

A source told them that the couple enjoy "riding together" on their horses and get along really well.

We're yet to see proof of this flourishing relationship but we do hope Sean is happy.