MAFS’ Sarah Roza Slams Telv’s Comments Revealing She’s Good Friends With His Ex

Sarah tells her side of the story.

MAFS’ Sarah Roza Slams Telv’s Comments Revealing She’s Good Friends With His Ex Channel Nine

This morning, we reported on Married At First Sight star Telv Williams’ comments in a new interview with New Weekly, where he stated Sarah Roza “decided to fly to Perth, look up the mother of my children and go pay them all a visit .”

Now, Sarah has contacted Scoopla exclusively to share her side of the story: 

"Amy Lou [Telv's ex and mother of his children] and I are indeed very good friends and have been since Telv and I split up," she explained. 

"Telv didn’t want me conversing with her at all because he called her ‘crazy and too controlling’ (hmmm, sounds familiar?) and he ordered me to block her on all social media platforms. Turns out he was very wrong about her." 

Sarah went on to explain that she has become close with the family, speaking to Amy daily. 

"She is a really lovely and intelligent lady. We, in fact, speak daily because we’ve bonded over the same relationship issues we both had with Telv.

"I’m very close with her children, Miah & TJ, too who she has full custody of. The kids actually call me and Facetime me quite regularly. We’ve all caught up, whether that actually be in person or on SMS or FaceTime on many occasions.

"This particular time I was in Perth for work already and it definitely was not some surprise visit where I had Amy and the kids under surveillance.

"On that day we all had lunch together and had a great time... and yes, I painted Miah’s fingernails once again, just as I have done on many occasions prior." 

Sarah later added she felt that "this is nothing more than just another hurtful publicity stunt by Telv.

"He constantly tries to make others look bad because he's trying to take the light off his own misgivings.

"Karma will come around for him eventually."

She also said in a comment that was posted on Fox FM's Facebook page, that Amy had reached out to her and initiated the friendship.

"For those saying that I’m behaving like a weirdo by becoming friends with Telv’s ex Amy Lou I’d like the opportunity to state the facts here.

"Amy initially reached out to me to warn me several times about Telv’s behaviour. I ignored her messages for many months because he banned me from conversing with her completely. He said she was nuts but this wasn’t the case. After I threw him out of my house for such frightful behaviour one day that no person should ever have endure I decided to respond to her messages because I wanted closure.

"We chatted for hours and hours. She was definitely not how he described her at all but I guess that’s what some men do when they’re in the wrong, they call their ex partner loopy and difficult. Amy and I bonded very quickly over very similar grievances, Telv’s shortcomings and she informed me fully of his criminal past which he had avoided telling me about.

"I already had a very close relationship with the children because I had met them and looked after them on many occasions whilst Telv and I were ‘married’. I treated Miah and TJ as if they were my own and gave them all the love in my heart. I guess that’s why the kids continued to want to be in touch with me.

"It’s sad because I actually have more contact and see Miah and TJ more than their own father does. I speak with them daily and also FaceTime with them. They always are the ones to call me first, not the other way around. At best Telv only sees his children 10 days a year in total. Their mother has full custody and has always encouraged and facilitated Telv to see his kids and be part of their lives but I guess he prefers spending his time and efforts elsewhere away from his children."

You can read Telv's initial comments here

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