MAFS' Dean Was Caught Out Trying To Trade Insta Pics For Free Food

The age we live in...

MAFS' Dean Was Caught Out Trying To Trade Insta Pics For Free Food Channel Nine

MAFS may be over, but the drama has continued ever since the season finale hit our screens a few months back. 

The latest dose of goss involved Dean Wells after emails were leaked showing reps reaching out to restaurants, on his behalf, trying to get free meals in exchange for Instagram plugs/posts. 

As you’d expect, once the news was leaked, fans had some very mixed reactions to it all. 

Some know it’s something that every Instagram influencer does, while others couldn’t believe he would go so far to get a ‘free meal’.

The leaked email detailed the attempt at trying to dine for free at an unnamed Melbourne restaurant and was published on Insta by John Lethlean, The Australian’s restaurant critic. 

John captioned the post, "Grasping At First Sight, a new reality series. Please consider #CouscousForComment."

The email read:

"I hope this finds you well. I just wanted to touch base regarding our client, Married At First Sight star Dean Wells, who is looking to wine and dine in the city of Melbourne on the 18th of August.


"I thought this could be a good opportunity for them to attend your restaurant, as Dean has over 80K followers across his Instagram. In return for looking after the two on this special occasion, we can offer Social Media posts and mentions.

"Please let me know if this is of interest."

Is this just the norm in this new age of Insta influencers, or has it gone too far?

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