MAFS’ Davina Threatens To Call Lawyers On Ryan

Oh boy...

MAFS’ Davina Threatens To Call Lawyers On Ryan Channel Nine

Australian TV may have moved on from MAFS to Bachelor in Paradise, but our buzzing minds still can’t get enough of the drama in the MAFS world… 

What’s stirring the pot lately? Ryan

Ryan and Davina’s TV marriage may not have lasted, but it was the highlight of drama we saw on the whirlwind show. 

Now, the two are at odds, because Ryan, who has taken up a career in comedy, has reportedly been using Davina as the centre of some of his material - and she is NOT happy. 

Davina has threatened legal action against Ryan for using her name in his act, telling Ryan in a text that was obtained by the Daily Mail"Hey Ryan. It has been brought to my attention yet again that you have been using my name in your 'comedy routine' with you referring to me as a pig.

"I wanted to reach out to you first and politely ask you to stop defaming me for your own benefit, before I take this matter any further.

"If you continue to mention my name for cheap laughs, I will be passing this onto my lawyers. 

"It's nice to have 10 minutes of fame, but please refrain from having to use me to get yours.”

We hope things get resolved between these two before things get messy… 


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