MAFS’ Ash Responds To Those Claims That Troy's A Virgin

Is he...?

MAFS’ Ash Responds To Those Claims That Troy's A Virgin Channel Nine

Married At First Sight sure as hell has the reality-loving people’s attention this year and we just can’t seem to get enough of the DRAMA. 

Recently, claims were made about Troy Delmege by his sister, saying that he is still a “virgin” and everyone’s been speculating about whether the claim is true and what his bride Ashley Irwin thinks about it all. 


Ashley spoke with Now To Love to reveal that she thinks it would explain why he seems so eccentric. 

"It explains a lot.

 "I'd say that nails it,” Ash said. "If you look at how he is with women, how he tries to massage me, the clumsy kisses and him dropping the 'L' bomb way too soon, it all fits.”

While Ash remained on the side supporting the claims, she did admit that she understands how Troy must be feeling about it all. 

"He must be mortified. I would be if I was called a 35-year-old virgin.

"I don't know if she was joking because I never got the chance to meet her, as I believe they're estranged. But it's still embarrassing. I feel sorry for him.”


Ashley went on to reveal how upset it had made her when Troy talked about them having sex on the show, saying, "I'm also still really upset about him talking about us having sex on the show. I almost left then and I rang my sister in tears. I definitely didn't appreciate what I heard."

Do YOU think these two are made for one another? 


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