Macaulay Culkin Turned Down The LEAD Role In Big Bang Theory

Could YOU imagine him in it?!

Macaulay Culkin Turned Down The LEAD Role In Big Bang Theory 20th Century Fox / Warner Bros. Television

It’s hard to imagine anyone else starring in The Big Bang Theory other than the all-stars they’ve already got taking up the screen. 

But it turns out that things could have been very different, because the show runners originally wanted Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin for one of the lead roles!

The now 37-year-old star was offered a lead role in the now massive series numerous times, but turned it down again and again.

Macaulay opened up about the role to Joe Rogan on his Experience podcast, saying he refused the role as the pitch sounded rubbish. 

“They pursued me for The Big Bang Theory. And I said, ‘Noooo’.

“It was kind of like, the way the pitch was, 'Alright, these two astrophysicist nerds and a pretty girl lives with them. Yoinks!' That was the pitch.

“And I was like, 'Yeah, I'm cool; thanks.' And then they came back at me again, and I said, ‘No, no, no; again, flattered--but no’. Then they came back at me again, and even my manager was like twisting my arm.

“I’d have hundreds of millions of dollars right now if I did that gig.

“At the same time, I'd be bashing my head against the wall.”

We don’t know exactly which role they wanted him for, but the series would have been completely different if he was cast!

Do YOU wish he had of been cast in the show?

Let us know who you think he should have played in the Facebook comments!


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