Love Island’s Chris & Kem Spinoff Is Finally Up On 9Now!

It’s a little bit leave it!

Love Island’s Chris & Kem Spinoff Is Finally Up On 9Now! ITV

Arguably the best thing about the VERY perfect season three of UK reality show Love Island, Chris and Kem are BACK! 

As much as we love the entire cast including sweet, sweet Jamie… We all know Chris and Kem were the real number one couple on Love Island. 


So, when we heard ITV was capitalising on the popularity of these two besties or brothers, bruhthas, bruhvers, brothurs, to create a new show, we were proper excited. 

But we had no clue as to when we'd actually be able to watch it. 

Until now! 

Chris and Kem Straight Outta Love Island is a two-part series which is currently on the 9Now website ready for your viewing pleasure! 

“Britain’s best loved bromance is back in action as Love Island’s most popular duo Chris and Kem reunite to embrace life outside of the villa.” 

Yes, we know, just two episodes, BUT it’s better than nothing and is enough to satisfy our Love Island withdrawals until the Australian series begins next year. 

For more information about the Australian series or if you’re wondering wtf Love Island is, please do yourself a favour and click here!