‘Love Island Australia’ Is Doing Something You’ve NEVER Seen Before

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‘Love Island Australia’ Is Doing Something You’ve NEVER Seen Before ITV

Are you a reality TV fan who is itching for more shows like MAFS and The Bachelor, and long for their return?

Well, wait no more, because Love Island is almost here!

It’s now been announced just when Australia is going to be privy to Love Island Australia, hosted by Sophie Monk and broadcast all the way from the stunning Spanish island of Mallorca!

On May 27 at 8.30pm on 9Go! and 9Now, 10 of Australia’s most beautiful singles will play an unfathomable game of lust and love in a new structure  we have never seen before!

The show will screen from Sundays to Thursdays, and each ep will screen within 24 hours of being filmed!

That’s right, it’s basically direct to us after it all happens!

It’s a first for reality love shows and is sounding similarities to ‘Big Brother’. 

Not only this, but fans get to say who they want to hook up and break up with who on the show via the Love Island Australia App!

Want to save your faves? THIS is the show for you!

Here’s how DeciderTV has described the new show, thanks to Nine

"Their rollercoaster ride starts when the adventurous Islanders enter their own private, luxury villa – having never met - in the hope of finding romance, passion and hopefully the one. Along with heated arguments, fiery dramas and steamy hook-ups, the Love Island Australia weather forecast predicts intense levels of flirting, gossiping, laughs and love triangles. 

"Not only must the Love Island Australia singles find their match, they must stay together while surviving temptations as sexy new singles enter the villa.  At the same time, they must also win the hearts of the public, convincing them – and themselves – that their newfound love is real.

"Competing as individuals, as a couple, or in teams, Islanders will put their perfect bodies to the test when they go head-to-head in a series of sexy, intimate and exposing challenges that will reveal how well they really know each other.

"At the end of the series, the winning couple (as voted by the public) is handed a pot of money to start their new lives together, but there's a catch: one is given the chance to share the money or walk away with it all for them self. Were they after love or money all along?”

LOVE ISLAND AUSTRALIA - premiering Sunday 27 May 8:30pm on 9GO! and 9NOW.

Will YOU be watching?!

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