'Love Island Australia' Doesn't Want Any Of You Fame-Hungry Wannabes Just FYI

Their application makes that clear...

'Love Island Australia' Doesn't Want Any Of You Fame-Hungry Wannabes Just FYI @loveislandau Instagram

Over the last few years, it's become pretty obvious that some people only apply to be on reality TV shows to get famous.

Clearly, being on a TV show for a few months gets you noticed, whether it's in a good or bad way, and more and more people seem to be trying to get their name out there by saying they're looking for love.

Now, we're just going to let you know now, Love Island Australia only wants genuine people on their show and they've made that pretty obvious in the application form for the show.

We had a little squizz after seeing snippets of it here and if you're Insta-famous or have a large following on YouTube, it doesn't look like Love Island is that interested.

After putting you name, address, phone number and, of course, sexual orientation into the application (there could be a few same-sex couples on the Australia reboot by the looks of this), you're then asked if you work for a media outlet.

Image: mycasting.net

If you do, the application asks you to detail any association you have with the outlet and how long you've been associated with them etc.

Then you're asked whether or not you're a blogger/vlogger and if you are, you're going to have to explain how many followers you have, what platform you use to post your blogs/vlogs and give them the url to your blog so they can see for themselves.

Now, if you're not a blogger and just tend to take some cool photos on Instagram and have a couple of thousand followers there, you'll be safe, right?



The next question asks you if you use Instagram and if you do, you're asked again, how many followers you have and for your username so they can look you up and see if you use it just for funsies, or if you're fully Insta-famous.

Finally, after telling the casting directors about your previous relationships, you're asked whether or not you've applied to be on a reality TV show before.

Image: mycasting.net

Whether you've applied for The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, My Kitchen Rules, Survivor, MasterChef or The Block, these guys will probably doing a check with their fellow casting directors if this question is in the application. 

If you've applied for a few of those shows, they're probably going to smell something fishy and cross you off their list.

Now, we could be completely wrong here.

Love Island Australia may actually WANT famous vloggers and bloggers for their show, but with so many other shows leaning away from hiring those just looking for fame, we highly doubt it.

You can check out the application here and fill it out if you're thinking of finding love on a tropical island with a bunch of other singles.

Would you want to see famous people on Love Island Australia?

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