Leah Jokes About Davey, Bachie Fans Instantly Assume It Was A Nasty Jab

This is awkward...

Leah Jokes About Davey, Bachie Fans Instantly Assume It Was A Nasty Jab Channel Ten

We're only two episodes in but the Bachelor In Paradise drama is coming in waves! Earlier this morning, Brett hit back at producers saying that they cared more about "production than humanity" after the whole single/ not single scandal and now, fans have jumped onto Leah!

Leah was labelled a villain during Matty J's season of The Bachelor and so a lot of people assumed she would team up with Keira in Fiji and cause as much trouble as possible, however, that's not the case.

She was picked to go on a date with Davey, received the first kiss of the season and now has sparked a relationship with Mackane, one of the many boys on the show who also appeared in Sophie Monk's season of The Bachelorette.

Now, after Davey was sent home during last night's rose ceremony, Leah has mentioned him in an Instagram caption and some Bachie fans think she has actually slammed him!

The star posted a photo of herself in her stunning cocktail party get up and used the caption to discuss the rose ceremony!



"Who wants a rose? Who else is looking forward to seeing Davey Lloyd squirm some more?

"Bring on the drama."

In the caption, she also added a few hashtags, one of which was "#playersgonnaplay" which many fans believe is a job towards Davey after he decided to eagerly chase Florence, despite going on a date with Leah in the first episode.

So, is Leah a bit salty about Davey dismissing her?

Or is she just having a little fun with him? 


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