Laura Told Matty Tara Prefers The Hot Waiter, But Who Is This Hot Waiter?

We have investigated...

Laura Told Matty Tara Prefers The Hot Waiter, But Who Is This Hot Waiter? Channel Ten

Just when you thought the pot couldn't be stirred anymore on The Bachelor, this s*&% goes down!

The Daily Mail has had one of their many "insiders" spill the beans about some dibber-dobbing inside the mansion.

Apparently, Laura decided to have a chat with Matty and just casually mention that Tara, sweet, precious Tara, liked the hot waiter more than she liked him.

"There was a cocktail party where Laura called out to Matty as he was walking off with Tara to have a one-on-one, 'Don't worry Matty, she prefers Derek over you anyway!'" 


First of all, LAURA WHY?!

But most importantly, WHO IS THIS HOT WAITER?!

According to Woman's Day, the waiter is Derek Reiter, a Sydney-based event manager.

Image: Derek Reiter Facebook

The magazine explained that he was let go from the show, probably for being so damn distracting, but not before he got Tara's number!

Derek told the magazine that they actually still talk quite a bit!

“We’ve been in contact – I even messaged her yesterday and asked if I could take her out."

Tara has even admitted that she joked about her relationship with Derek whilst in the mansion!

“We used to joke the D on my necklace stood for Derek the bartender!”

We are a bit torn about this situation...

As much as we want Tara to win The Bachelor and be with Matty because she's such a riot, we also think she could be very happy with someone she hasn't dated on TV...


Either way, as long as she's happy, we're happy too!