Laura Says She's Fallen In Love With Matty!

She's FINALLY said it!

Laura Says She's Fallen In Love With Matty! Channel Ten

We're down to the final three girls and although rumours about the winner seem to be cropping up left, right, and centre, one of the bachelorettes has revealed that she's fallen in love!

Laura has been tipped to win over Matty on The Bachelor from the get-go and now she's revealed that she fell for him whilst filming the show!


When asked by The Daily Telegraph if she was in love with this year's bachelor she said she "absolutely" was!

"It was definitely during the hometown visits, having him there with my family, that made it real.

"My family were so approving and so excited and accepting, and just instantly like ‘this guy’s great!’"


Laura is in the show's final three with the "dark horse" Elise and fan favourite Tara.

Elise told The Daily Telegraph that at this point in the show, she thinks Matty has some pretty strong feeling for all three of them...

“With the girls left, I have no doubt he has feelings for every single one of them… but you never know who he actually wants.”


Whereas Laura says that she doesn't think he could be in love with all three of them at once as she doesn't believe it would be possible for her...

"Look, I don’t think it’s possible for me to have deep romantic feelings for three people at the same time.

"I think maybe I could have deep romantic feelings for one person and then I might question, ‘oh, but maybe that person is better for me?’ But that would be (using) my head over my heart."


The Bachelor finale is this week, so guys... who do you think will win?!

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