Keira Maguire Says Grant Verbally Abused Her On Bachelor In Paradise!

"He pulled me aside..."

Keira Maguire Says Grant Verbally Abused Her On Bachelor In Paradise! Network Ten

Last night's episode of Bachelor In Paradise was a rollercoaster of emotions because not only did Laurina decide to leave, we also saw Keira's feistiness finally emerge.

Keira let American intruder Grant absolutely have it after he told Jarrod to stop chasing her because all she was doing was playing with his emotions.

The ex-Bachelor "villain" had gone on a date with Jarrod earlier, which went very well, but the next day, decided that she might not be into it, before then telling him that she was.

It was very wishy washy, but once Grant had a chat with Jarrod, Keira was fuming.


She stormed off set saying that he's "messing with the wrong person", because let's be real, Grant doesn't know Keira like we do...

Last night, after the episode aired, Keira took to Instagram to tell her followers that the episode actually made her "upset" because there was a lot more to the story and said that "whoever edited that ep. should be fired".

On her Instagram Stories, Keira explained that after the previous rose ceremony, Grant had pulled her aside and lashed out because she chose to send Daniel home.

Image: @keiramagurie Instagram

"I'm a little bit pi**** off about that episode. They missed out a few things.

"After the cocktail party, Grant pulled me aside when there was no cameras or anything, abused me and was swearing at me because I sent his friend home and then goes out of his way to tell Jarrod that I didn't like him.

"But, he said that I don't like kissing him and they didn't show that, which really upsets me because that was the thing that really annoyed me.

"I'm just so upset that they didn't show what actually happened, I'm ropable..."

This morning, Grant told The Daily Mail that Keira was playing "the victim" however, he didn't deny any of her accusations.

"I think Keira’s a sweet girl when it comes down to it, but I wasn’t going to sit there and watch her mess with my friend Jarrod’s emotions like that, so I called her out and she was caught.

"So instead of being a stand up individual and admitting that, she played the victim role ’cause she had no other out."

Grant has also taken to Instagram to comment on the situation saying that he still loves Keira, despite all of the drama. 

Image: @grant_kemp

As we all know, there's a lot more to the story when it comes to a lot of reality show beefs, so hopefully things get cleared up in tonight's episode.


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