Keira Maguire Has Had Her Lip Fillers Dissolved

She looks so different!

Keira Maguire Has Had Her Lip Fillers Dissolved Network Ten

Keira Maguire has received a lot of negative comments about her lip fillers and now, she's revealed that she's had them dissolved.

However, she didn't do it because of the backlash.

Keira revealed to Women's Day that before she went on Bachelor In Paradise, she decided to get half a millilitre of lip filler injected into her lips but, that's not how much was actually put in.


She explained that a series of errors led to 2 millilitres of fillers being injected and when she saw herself on TV, Keira said she hated it.

"I was devastated. Not only couldn't I move my face when 
I was on the show, it actually made me have a permanent pout.

"Every time I saw myself on TV, I was like, 'Why are you pouting?' but I knew I had no control over it."

Last week, Keira went to Me Clinic in Melbourne and had her fillers dissolved and now, she looks totally different!


According to Keira, Jarrod loves that the fillers are gone now as well!

"He loves my lips! He says he can actually kiss me properly! He's like, 'Don't ever do it again!'"


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