Karl Stefanovic Slams 'MAFS' Groom Dean Calling Him "Sexist" During TV Interview

it was a tad awkward...

Karl Stefanovic Slams 'MAFS' Groom Dean Calling Him "Sexist" During TV Interview Channel Nine

We all saw the previews and know that Dean said some pretty questionable stuff before getting married to Tracey during this season of Married At First Sight.

During the show's premiere, Dean said that he kept looking down to Tracey's "chestal area" (is that even a word?) and previously said that he wants to be "in charge" of his bride.

Karl Stefanovic had a few questions for him...


During an interview with Dean on Today, Karl didn't hold back and introduced the new "villain" of the show as: "the most controversial, dare I say — the most hated man in Australia”.

Karl then jumped straight in and asked Dean about why he was so busy staring at his new wife's breasts during their wedding ceremony and flat out called him "sexist"!

"Which I guess is old-school language, at best, and sexist at worst. And offensive."

Dean didn't think what he said was "offensive" but Karl did explain that he thought it was and wondered why he said it at all.

The MAFS groom then asked the presenter what specifically was "offensive" to him, with Karl then adding that he was "not going to say it on breakfast television."

It was very awkward but very interesting given the climate surrounding the treatment of women in 2018.

After his appearance on Today, Dean told news.com.au that the interview saddened him.

"I personally don’t think anything I said was sexist and it breaks my heart for people to think I’m sexist because that’s not who I am at all."

He also explained that he wants to be more of an "alpha-male" because an ex-girlfriend said that was the reason why she left him.

"My ex-girlfriend actually told me after she broke up with me that she wished I was more of an alpha-female, that I took more of a leading role.

"It broke my heart a bit that she broke up with me so I’ve been working on being a stronger, more responsible man."


Let's see how his marriage to Tracey pans out...