Karl Stefanovic Slams Jason For Dobbing In Josh & Elyse On 'The Block' Last Night

He called him a 'nark'!

Karl Stefanovic Slams Jason For Dobbing In Josh & Elyse On 'The Block' Last Night Channel Nine

Last night, Jason and Sarah got into a lot of trouble for dobbing in Josh and Elyse on The Block for their unsafe kitchen.

The couple told the contractors that their winning kitchen has a gas cooktop too close to the splash back making it unsafe to use.

This then resulted in Josh and Elyse losing points for their kitchen space and Jason and Sarah receivingĀ $10,000 for themselves asĀ they were then tied for the win.


None of the other contestants were happy about the decision to award Jason and Sarah the money and Josh even said that the couple should just stop talking and "do some work".

Now, after getting a grilling from Sticks, Jason and Sarah have been grilled by Karl Stefanovic!

The couple was being interviewed about the dobbing incident on The Today Show this morning and Karl decided to be blunt and just ask, "how do you feel about being hated?".


Jason hit back by telling the presenter that it's not his fault that Josh and Elyse's cooktop was installed incorrectly.

"First of all, I'm not the cause of it at all, it's not my fault someone put in a gas appliance wrong that can make people seriously ill.

"The issue for me was public safety and caesarstone, unfortunately, gives off a toxic gas when it's that close to a flame, which can seriously make people ill."

Now that sounds like a pretty reasonable explanation, but Karl wasn't finished yet!

He called Jason a "nark" and compared him to a nosy neighbour!

"You were being a little bit of a nark, you're like one of those neighbours when you see somebody putting something in the bin they shouldn't and you dob on them!

"I just love to hate you!"

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