Justin Has Slammed The 'MAFS' Brides Online About Their Girls' Night

Someone's a bit salty...

Justin Has Slammed The 'MAFS' Brides Online About Their Girls' Night Channel Nine

It looks like Justin is still not over Charlene and Carly slamming him and his fellow men at the last dinner party on Married At First Sight.

After accusing Charlene of bullying him and Dean earlier this week, Justin has now taken to Instagram once again to not just slam her, but all of the other brides as well!

He uploaded a photo of this week's girls' night on Instagram overnight, with a caption that implied that they too, were being "disrespectful".

"Hhmmm. Whats so funny Ladies???

"Hope your not being nasty or disrespectful about other people..."

As this post was being written, Justin abruptly deleted the image.

In the comments section, fans of the show were calling him "boring" and slammed him for his harsh caption.

Earlier this week, Tracey admitted that at the girls' night, the brides all played a game where they were asked: "who would you kiss, who would you marry, who would you kill?" and said that a "boys' night is a boys' night, just like the girls' night.

"We all say things with our girls that are supposed to stay at girls' night."

It looks like Justin might want to know what actually happened at the girls' night...


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