Justin From 'MAFS' May Not Actually Be A Millionaire!

He owns 3 businesses...

Justin From 'MAFS' May Not Actually Be A Millionaire! Channel Nine

As always, there are a bunch of wild rumours circulating about the latest cast of Married At First Sight and this one just may be the most interesting one so far.

Justin, who is married to Carly on the show, is supposedly not the millionaire businessman he claims to be... if you believe what The Daily Mail has reported.

The publication has said that Justin is registered on a couch surfing website called CouchSurfing.com which you probably wouldn't need if you had three successful businesses, right?


The profile says that Justin hasn't logged in for the last four years, but it does mention that he's the CEO of Brüllen, a company that makes ice cream and frozen yoghurt machines, and that he owns Ruggito Coffee and Cafequip.

So with three businesses, why would he need to couch surf?


This is all just speculation, of course, but it'll be interesting to see what comes of it.

Will there be a big reveal?

Or will it all prove to be BS?

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