Jess & Emma Have Defended Sonya & Hadil Telling Viewers To Not Bully Them Online

"Bullying is not acceptable."

Jess & Emma Have Defended Sonya & Hadil Telling Viewers To Not Bully Them Online Channel 7

Last night, Jess, Emma, Sonya and Hadil were involved in the most explosive fight that My Kitchen Rules had ever aired. 

Threats were made, insults were thrown and after things reached their peak, Manu asked Sonya and Hadil to leave the instant restaurant.


This morning, the pair have been receiving quite a lot of hate online for their actions, but Jess and Emma have urged fans of the show to not bully them online because of what they did on the show.

Whilst speaking to Sunrise this morning, the pair condemned online trolls saying that bullying, in any way, shape, or form, is not acceptable.

"There is no place for bullying in any way, shape or form.

"I think Australia really needs to look at that if they’re so against bullying and what happened on the show, they just really need to go easy on the girls as well.

"Emma and I know first-hand what that’s like to be trolled online ... we’ve forgiven and I think Australia needs to do the same and bullying is not acceptable."

The sisters also posted an apology to MKR fans on Instagram, saying that they believe their own behaviour was unnecessary.



"We want to apologise for our part in the drama that unfolded. We should not have engaged with any of the comments towards us. 

"There is no excuse even if we were defending ourselves to act this way in another’s home. We don’t wish to add anymore to the situation and certainly will not play the victim card. The only people to feel sorry for are the other contestants who felt uncomfortable and the hosts who were disrespected.

"To our young followers this is not acceptable behaviour and there a better ways to resolve issues. Be kind and stop the hate, the horrible nasty comments towards the girls is not needed."


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