Jen Is Proof That Playing Dirty On 'The Bachelor' Will Get You Nowhere

Sorry, darl...

Jen Is Proof That Playing Dirty On 'The Bachelor' Will Get You Nowhere Image: Channel Ten

If there's one thing we learned from tonight's episode of The Bachelor, it's that playing dirty doesn't work out.

Jen has been playing hard ball since day one and tonight, we saw her game crumble beneath her like the biscuit beneath one of her majestic cheesecakes.

Throughout the episode, she tried VERY hard to get one-on-one time with Matty.

This was her face when she found out Elise won the single date...

Later, on the group date, she decided to take control of her sports team so that she can win herself some extra time with Matty.

Then, during the cocktail party, she REALLY started to play hardball.


She told Matty that Lisa, the young model, said that she wasn't interested in him and that she thought he was only there to raise his public profile.

This left Matty gobsmacked and led him to confront Lisa about her thoughts.

The other girls picked up on Jen's game and told her that it wasn't on.

Elise confronted Jen, telling her that throwing Lisa under the bus wasn't appropriate and then...



She got VERY angry at Elise for confronting her and not long after that... the waterworks began.

After a long discussion with a producer (hey girl!) Jen finally decided to throw in the towel and walk out on the entire show.


The moral of this story?

What goes around, comes around.

Jen decides to play dirty and once the other girls found out what she was doing, they confronted her and she couldn't come up with a strong enough argument to justify her actions.


And that's the way the cookie crumbles under a chocolate cheesecake...