Jason & Sarah Have Been Slammed For Dobbing In Josh & Elyse On 'The Block'

No one is happy with them...

Jason & Sarah Have Been Slammed For Dobbing In Josh & Elyse On 'The Block' Channel Nine

This season of The Block is proving to be quite controversial with the drama heating up in nearly every episode!

On Sunday, viewers were on the edge of their seats, patiently waiting to see if Jason and Sarah were going to be kicked off the show.

The couple failed to present a finished master bedroom, ensuite and walk-in wardrobe and ended up receiving a 0 score from the judges, making them the first team to ever do so. 

Now, only a day after making a miraculous comeback by creating a wonderful kitchen as well as a master bedroom, Jason and Sarah have made enemies out of almost every other team!


Last night, Jason dobbed on Josh and Elyse telling Scotty Cam that their kitchen wasn't compliant with health and safety regulations.


He explained that their gas stove was too close to the splashback and it was something that the judges had overlooked when judging their space. 

This then led to Jason and Sarah tying with Josh and Elyse in the kitchen challenge as the error ended up costing them points.


No one was happy with Jason's comments with Sticks flat out saying that the decision to dob was "dog s**t".

Josh wasn't happy either, telling the camera that Jason has now shown the other competitors his "true colours".

"He shot us down behind our backs and will say to our face, 'it's not about the win.'

"He needs to learn to shut his mouth and do some work."

It'll be interesting to see how the mood on site changes from here on in...