Jake Ellis Lashes Out At Bachelor In Paradise Fans After They Slam Him Online

"I'm not perfect..."

Jake Ellis Lashes Out At Bachelor In Paradise Fans After They Slam Him Online Network Ten

After only three episodes of Bachelor In Paradise, some fans seem to have been really slamming some of the cast members online.

Jake Ellis has been the hot topic of all three episodes of the show, with him going on a date with Florence in episode one and him being chosen to stay in Fiji over blue-eyed Davey Lloyd in episode two.

In episode three, Megan Marx chose to go on a first date with Jake after picking his name out off of a "menu" of potential dates.

The shared a kiss and since then, a lot of bachelor fans have been slamming him online for having passionate kisses with both Megan and Florence.


Now, Jake uses the internet just like everyone else and see the hurtful comments being posted about him, so he decided to tell everyone how those comments make him feel.

In a Facebook group for Bachelor fans, Jake posted a long message to those who slammed him.

"Hey guys, I understand that being in the public eye on a reality show makes it so people will pass judgement on everything I say or do.

"Yes, of course, you're entitled to your own opinion, favourites and interpretation. But what's really gotten to me is that I've been a part of this group for over 2 years now, I've shared banter and laughter with so many, you've all shown me care and support when I lost my mum at the start of the year, just as I have supported and shown that same care back to a lot of you in your hard times and also, you shared my excitement with the new show.

"You know the real me. But how quickly does that change from seeing a few hours of a heavily edited show that took well over a month 24/7 to film for your entertainment which honestly hurts a bit.

"By all means, give me a hard time, rip into me with funny banter, tell me I'm an 'idiot' or a 'di**head for making a decision' etc like we have done for the last 2 years.

"But don't call my intentions or my character into question. It's episode three, I am there to find the right person for me and me only, I follow my heart and emotions as I experience them. I didn't hold back or do something just for the sake of it, I did it with my heart leading the way.

"I'm not perfect, if you are then, by all means, judge away but watch my whole journey before you make up your mind.

"Love you all still..."

Tonight we have another rose ceremony, let's see how Jake goes because something tells us he's got a lot of love to give...

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