It Could Be Time To Say Goodbye To 'Hot Seat'

No more Eddie McGuire on our TV screens?

It Could Be Time To Say Goodbye To 'Hot Seat'

Image Credit: Channel Nine/ Channel Seven

It could be time to say goodbye to one of our fave TV shows and tbh we don’t know how to feel…

Eddie McGuire’s popular TV show Hot Seat may be getting axed after its ratings have fallen quite quickly.


The Nine Network has worked hard to try and turn the show around, including changing the format of the show. But, sadly for the show, they have struggled to keep up with Channel Seven's show, The Chase.

The Chase, which is hosted by Andrew O’Keefe, has had a constant rise in its ratings since February this year.

The Daily Telegraph has reported that network insiders have revealed that the changes won’t be enough to save Hot Seat long term.

Channel Nine are yet to comment on the future of the show

We hope that they can work things out!


We would hate to see this show end.