Is This The End For Alf On Home And Away?

We will all find out tonight

Is This The End For Alf On Home And Away? Channel Seven

After 30 long years… it seems that may be time to say goodbye to Alf Stewart on Home and Away.

Tonight the show will return and by the look of their promo that they have been airing all day… it could be the end for good old Alf played by Ray Meagher.


The footage shows Alf's life is in extreme danger after falling down a hole near the school.

He is left unconscious and you see the surrounding parts of the hole beginning to fall on top of him… with no one insight.

Classic Home and Away.

Alf hasn’t exactly had the best run; he suffered a heart attack back in 2016 and hasn’t been the same since.

There have been many rumours that this could be the end of Ray playing Alf… but nothing had been confirmed…

We guess we will all find out tonight. 

Home And Away returns tonight on Channel Seven.