How Much Love Island’s Erin Spent On Plastic Surgery

And she's not stopping!

How Much Love Island’s Erin Spent On Plastic Surgery Channel Nine / 9Go!

Australians keep proving their love for reality television, this time becoming obsessed over the drama on Love Island. 

One of the gals everyone loves Erin Barnett, but it turns out that she’s spent a pretty penny on plastic surgery to look the way she does. 


Erin spoke to OK! Magazine to reveal she had undergone plastic surgery to improve her appearance before going on the show and that she was super happy about it. 

“I’m a 10/10 now. I’m so happy with my boobs - I got them done in August last year. 

“I paid for them. My boobs were $8000.”

how does anyone have a spare 8k lying around…


She continued, saying "I was about a B cup and now I'm a double D. I'd like to go to another cup bigger, but then I wouldn't be able to stand up.”

Erin also admitted to spending $1600 to get her lips done twice and that she’s not stopping here. 

"Speak to me in a year and I'll have spent a million dollars on work. I will!"

What’s YOUR opinion on plastic surgery and the impact it’s having on today’s children?

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