How Much EACH Episode In ‘GOT’ Season 8 Costs Will BLOW Your Mind

This is INSANE!

How Much EACH Episode In ‘GOT’ Season 8 Costs Will BLOW Your Mind HBO

Don't worry - there aren't any spoilers here!

Game Of Thrones season 7 delivered some real shocks and plot twists, as well as the moment we were all begging would finally happen. 

The season was a success, but none of us are looking forward to the almost two year wait ahead of us until the final season of the show…


So while we wait, we’re trying too binge-watch other shows to fill the time, and find out as much about the final season as possible - and the latest info about season 8 has us shook, because you’re not going to believe how much it’s going to cost to make!

HBO has recently revealed the directors list for the final season, including Miguel Sapochnik (‘Battle of the Bastards’) and David Nutter (‘The Rains of Castamere’), and the budgets these directors get to work with for their episodes has also been leaked. 

Variety revealed that each episode of the final season will cost $19 million… 

That’s right, $19 million - meaning the entire series will have a budget of $115 million


This price may be set to increase, depending on any reshoots they have to do, PLUS additional Visual Effects work!

If the effort and money it’s taking to deliver us an epic final season isn’t enough to make you start watching the show the RIGHT way, then we don’t know what is. 

We can’t wait for season 8!