'How I Met Your Mother' Is Getting The Spin-Off You’ve ALL Waited For

LEGEN - wait for it....

'How I Met Your Mother' Is Getting The Spin-Off You’ve ALL Waited For 20th Century Fox Television

How I Met Your Mother is one of those shows we all fell in love with, and all felt heartbroken over when it came to an end. 


For a few years now, producers have been trying to get a spin-off series off the ground, but twice they’ve tried and twice they’ve failed. 

But it looks like things are finally looking up, because a new team is in the talks for NEW spin-off ideas, and this might be a case of third time lucky. 

20th Century Fox has Alison Bennett (FX’s You’re The Worst) set to write the spin-off series for HIMYM


20th tried to launch the CBS pilot How I Met Your Father three years ago, followed by This Is Us co-executive producers then trying their hands at ideas for a spin-off. 

After these two attempts, 20th is finally confident they’ve found their winning ingredients and Alison will pen the new series, starting from absolute scratch!

Again called How I Met Your Father, it will be a brand new take on the concept of the show, bringing together a brand-spanking new cast that we can fall in love with. 


No network is tied to the show yet, but we cannot wait to see this once it hits our screens!

Fingers crossed that the third try is the charm!