'Home & Away' Star Opens Up After A Magazine Called Her 'Difficult'

Pia Miller stands up for herself...

'Home & Away' Star Opens Up After A Magazine Called Her 'Difficult'

Image: Channel Seven

Pia Miller has decided to stand up for her self after an Australian magazine said that she was "difficult" to work with.

The actress, best known for playing Katarina Chapman on Home and Away, did a cover shoot for Elle magazine in March and the accompanying article said that she had a "zealous level of control."




It then continued to say, "the shoot concept and this accompanying interview were more difficult to agree on than most international cover stars in this magazine's history."

Now, Pia has opened up about the incident in an article for Cosmopolitan stating that all she did was say "no".

“People can be so coerced into saying yes to please people.

"(Saying no) is not being rude … or difficult.

"I have the right to protect what I’ve created and if it puts people off-side, then so be it.”




Pia was reportedly asked if her sons Isiah and Lennox could appear in the photo shoot with her, but she didn't feel comfortable with them being involved.

“I’m cool to share things on social media of (my partner) Tyson (Mullane) and my boys.

"People get confused that I post but then get funny about putting my boys on the cover of a magazine.

"That’s my social media outlet and that’s one of the only things I … have control over."




Back in March, Pia posted the Elle cover image on Instagram thanking the magazine for featuring her whilst also hitting back at their criticisms in her caption.




"Warning! This article may encourage other women to be “incredibly strong-minded”, “real”, “fiercely protective” (of their children and privacy) and exhibit a "zealous level of control" of “the way (they’re) publicly perceived."

"Here's to my fellow women."

"Never apologise for standing your ground and portraying your true self."