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Hey Arnold! Fans Have Finally Had All Their Questions Answered In New Movie


Hey Arnold! Fans Have Finally Had All Their Questions Answered In New Movie Nickelodeon

Hey Arnold! fans can sleep easy now that the new movie, Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie, has given the series the ending it deserves.

Since the show ended in 2004, fans have been living with a couple of constant questions on their minds like “WHERE ARE ARNOLD’S PARENTS? WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM? ARE THEY ALIVE?”

In a two-part episode titled The Journal during the show’s final season, Arnold found a journal with a map showing where his parents were supposed to have travelled to after they left him to help find a cure for the mysterious illness plaguing the green-eyed people in the jungle of San Lorenzo.

The entire series was leading up to this final moment where Arnold would discover what happened to his humanitarian parents, when BAM! IT ENDED!

Hey Arnold! was cancelled before the show’s creator, Craig Bartlett, was able to finish his story the way he intended (2002’s Hey Arnold!: The Movie was made before the series ended).  

But after 13 years of campaigning from us loyal fans, Craig was finally given the chance to make The Jungle Movie, with all the old cast members coming back to endorse the film.

Now I hate a spoiler, so I won’t be dishing on what happens, but I will say this one is a real nod to all the fans that have waited so long.

All those loose ends regarding Arnold’s parents, Helga’s undying love for the football headed kid and even Arnold’s last name are nicely tied up here.


All we can say is thank you, Craig Bartlett. Thank you, so much!