Here's How You Can Be In 'American Horror Story: Cult'!


Here's How You Can Be In 'American Horror Story: Cult'!

Image: FX

Ever dreamt of being killed in a brutal way on American Horror Story?

Well, your dream could come true very soon because the show is holding an open casting call for a walk-on role in the new series!

Taking to Twitter earlier this morning, the official American Horror Story account posted the announcement alongside a picture of long-time cast member Evan Peters.


As you can see, there's much more to this competition than we thought.

If you get the job, you'll also win a lunch date with Evan!

Is this real life?

To enter, you just need to follow that little link up there in the tweet and donate a certain amount of money to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Ten dollars (US) will get you 100 entries so clearly, the more you're willing to spend, the better your chances are of hanging out with Billie Lourde and Emma Roberts.

Are you ready to start your own American Horror Story?!