Here Are The Instagrams Of The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Contestants, In Case You Lost Them!

Well, all the contestants so far...

Here Are The Instagrams Of The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Contestants, In Case You Lost Them! Channel Ten

Now that we hopefully know all of the contestants that will be appearing on the inaugural season of Bachelor In Paradise Australia (there's 20 contestants at the moment!), we thought we might do you just a favour.

We know that all of the Bachelor In Paradise contestants were either on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette back in the day, so you've probably stalked their Instagram pages a few times.

However, in case you lost them, we thought we would put all of the contestants Instagram accounts in one place so if you wanted to see how everyone was doing after the show premieres, you can!

Now without further adeiu, the Bachie peeps!

Jarrod Woodgate

Let's start with the wonderful human who gave us Plantgate and who we hope genuinely finds love this time around...


Luke McLeod

The George Clooney look-a-like surfer dude is back and yep, he's still gorgeous!


Sam Cochrane

We all remember Sam... how could we not?! The man could talk underwater and it looks like we might actually see if he can do it when he's in Fiji...


Mackane Reid

In case you didn't know, the man who like us, got over Plantgate VERY quickly is back and hopefully, he gives us another sassy gif that we'll use forever!



Brett Moore

Brett seems to have returned to the Bachelor universe in a group photo that Channel Ten posted online and it looks like he may have actually found love, whether it's before or after the show aired though, we're not sure...


Blake Colman

He was the token 'bad boy' on Sophie Monk's season and although he hit headlines for some pretty questionable reasons last year, Blake is coming back to our TV screens!


Tara Pavlovic

You're Aussie angel is back and guuuuuuyyyyysssss, we just want her to be happy!


Apollo Jackson

The magician is back and guys, he is fire twirling in one of the promos! is there anything he can't do?!


Keira Maguire 

Keira is back and not only is she trying to find love, we're sure that there will be a bit of pot-stirring happening too...


Davey Lloyd

Doesn't Davey just look adorable all the time?! How does that happen?! Is he just naturally that cute?!


Michael Turnbull

Is it just us, or does Michael really know how to pull off the whole 'Blue Steel' look from Zoolander?!


Laurina Fleure

Laurina may have a long list of things that she looks for in a man, but we're hoping that she'll find someone who ticks at least 50% of those boxes!


Ali Oetjen

The health and fitness gal is returning to TV and she's reportedly the girl Jarrod has eyes for... makes sense doesn't it?!


Florence Alexandra 

The Dutch goddess is coming back and honestly, we can't wait to see what she gets up to on the island!


Leah Costa

You may remember Leah stirring a bit of trouble on The Bachelor, do you think she'll get along with Keira?!


Jake Ellis

The man who dated Jen from Matty J's Bachelor season and fought for Georgia Love's heart on The Bachelorette is back and looking for love!


Nina Rolleston 

Nina hasn't graced our screens for quite some time, but she's got a new hairdo and is ready to look for love again!


If you've scrolled through each profile, you'll notice that some of these guys already know each other and hang out quite regularly!

It seems like there's an entire world of reality TV contestant hang outs that we don't know about, so do you think there is already a couple in the mix that we don't know about?!

We'll find out on March 25, we guess...


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