Here Are The Character's You'll Be Seeing In The 'GOT' Premiere Episode

Winter has come!

Here Are The Character's You'll Be Seeing In The 'GOT' Premiere Episode

Images: HBO

In case you forgot, the incredible saga that is Game Of Thrones, returns to our TV screens this Monday.

After over a year of waiting, we will FINALLY be returning to Westeros and boy, are we excited.

As most fans will know, the list of leading characters in Game Of Thrones is massive.

This unfortunately means that not all of your favourite people will be in every single episode of the series, only a select few will be able to grace us with their precense each week.

With that in mind, a lot of people would be wondering which characters will be popping up in the series premiere on Monday.

Luckily, HBO have started to reveal a series of photos for each episode and we now know who we can expect to see in the next few days.

Of course we'll be seeing Cersei Lannister...

She may actually be the first face we see in the first episode!

Expect to see A LOT of Daenerys...

From what we can see here, she'll be returning to Westeros very early on in the episode.

This is probably a good time for us to mention that whilst there will be other characters popping up in the first episode, it's fair to say that we'll be seeing more of Daenerys and Cersei than anyone else.

Jon Snow will most definitely be appearing in the episode alongside Sansa Stark and this bada** chick...

Lady Lyanna Mormont is in the house!

Now, even though Jon, Sansa and Lady Lyanna are all currently in Winterfell, it looks like we'll be going back to Castle Black anyway because...

Bran Stark and his good friend Meera are back!

But how do we know that they've ended up at Castle Black?

Well, this photo kind of gives it away...

Meera's hanging out with The Night's Watch so fingers crossed they get a wriggle on and head down to Winterfell soon.

Monday's episode is going to be BIG so if you can't get to a TV screen when it airs, we recommend staying away from your phone...