Heather Maltman Takes Down Cat After She Blames "Dagger Music" For Her Behaviour On The Bachelor

She's not backing down!

Heather Maltman Takes Down Cat After She Blames "Dagger Music" For Her Behaviour On The Bachelor Network Ten

As we now all know, Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins, isn't on national TV to get involved in a bunch of drama. 

He's on national TV to find love and when you've got three girls constantly stirring the pot in the Bachelor mansion, it makes things a tad difficult.

So, when Tenille told him that Cat had been causing a lot of trouble in the house, he knew it was time to send her packing.

All three of the Bachie "mean girls" went home last night with Romy opting to leave the show following Cat's departure, and Alisha failing to secure a rose at the rose ceremony.

Now, Australia hasn't exactly taken kindly to the actions of Cat, Romy and Alisha on the show...

Heather Maltman, who was a contestant on The Bachelor way back in 2015, when Sam Wood was still searching for love, knows how reality TV works and knows how The Bachelor works here in good old Aus.


She knows that if you choose to say something on camera, it's there for the entire country to see.

So, when she had the chance to speak to the "villain" this morning on the Hit Network's 90.9 Sea FM breakfast show, she didn't hold back!

When asked about her persona on the show, Cat said that it was the music that made her seem meaner than she actually was.

"When you chuck some dagger music behind you, it's going to sound worse than it is."

Heather wasn't having any of it.

She then asked Cat "is it? Or is it just going to sound not very nice?"


It all went downhill from there.

Have a listen to the full interview here where Heather really asks Cat some tough questions:

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