Have Sarah & Telv From 'MAFS' Already Moved In Together?

What's going on here?

Have Sarah & Telv From 'MAFS' Already Moved In Together? @sarahjaneroza instagram

Yesterday, Married At First Sight dream couple Sarah and Telv revealed that they plan on having kids together, despite the groom already having two children of his own.

They told NW magazine that they've discussed the possibility of children before with Telv adding, "I've always said if I fall in love again, I’d definitely want more children and I definitely want to with Sarah."

The couple bonded on their honeymoon and they have already decided that they're meant to be, which is AMAZING considering what else is happening on MAFS right now...

But not only are Sarah and Telv planning more kids, they may have also moved in together!

Sarah posted a photo of herself with Telv on Instagram, with the Sydney Harbour Bridge behind them and captioned the photo saying that it was, "Moving in day for Sydney’s newest residents!"


Has the couple moved to Sydney?

Or is she posting an old photo of them when they first moved into the MAFS apartment that they share with the show's other couples? 

All evidence points to the former and honestly, we're so glad that at least one pair on the show has actually clicked and made it known to the rest of us eagled-eyed MAFS addicts (admit it, you're one too!).