Has 'The Bachelor' Been Staged This Entire Time?

This 'insider' thinks so...

Has 'The Bachelor' Been Staged This Entire Time? Image: Channel Ten

On Thursday night, some fans quickly discovered that good old Matty J was wearing an earpiece during the rose ceremony.

You only saw the sneaky hearing aid for a second when The Bachelor walked into the ceremony and greeted Osher, but it was certainly there and it made us question EVERYTHING we saw on the show.


After this fascinating discovery, Channel Ten explained to The Daily Mail that the earpiece was only used by the director of the show, to let Matty know about any technical faults.

"[Matty's] occasionally required to be connected to the director if there are technical difficulties with cameras, audio, and lighting."

This sounds fair enough... but earlier today an "insider" has claimed that that's just a bunch of BS!

The Daily Mail received word from a Bachelor connection claiming that the earpieces are actually used to tell Matty what to do for further dramatic effect!


This falls into line with claims made back in 2015 by an ex-contestant saying that the hearing aids are actually used during rose ceremonies to tell the Bachelor which order to read the girls' names in.


The "insider" said that the earpieces are used during cocktail parties...

"The girls would sit down and Matty would sit on the non-camera side.

"That’s how he made sure the earpiece wasn’t seen on camera

There was one time where he requested to switch positions with a contestant during the cocktail party so that he could listen to the producers speaking to him in his earpiece.”

Well, there is a lot happening during the cocktail parties and sometimes, the producers have to get involved (as seen during Sian's final episode and Jen's dramatic exit) so it's understandable if the director needs to let Matty know what's up.

But this next part is what's got us question everything we know about The Bachelor...

“His lines are completely staged.

"During the cocktail party, he would ask questions that were clearly based on things the girls had said during a private interview with producers.

"That’s how he knew all the probing questions that he needed to ask the girls.”



If this "insider" is to be believed, then that means that everything we're seeing on TV is completely staged!

Everything from Matty's belly-dancing attempt to the family visits...

All of it could just be a script that has been put together for dramatic effect!

Now, we understand that this "insider" is probably telling a few fibs, but it's making us question EVERYTHING!


What is going on in the Bachelor mansion?!?

Is everything really just for entertainment, or are we seeing the real deal?! 

We don't want to believe it...