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Gogglebox's Angie & Yvie Reveal Their Worst Moment On The Show So Far!


Gogglebox's Angie & Yvie Reveal Their Worst Moment On The Show So Far! Network Ten/Foxtel

Australia is OBSESSED with Goggle Box. 

In particular we love to love our families on the show and when we caught up with the dynamic duo Angie and Yvie to chat all things TV (with a wine on the couch), they revealed some juicy behind the scenes goss from the show!


We wanted to know what the appeal was about the red couch, why does it look like the BEST location to park yourself on and catch up on some TV? "It's covered in dog hair" Angie revealed, "we really need to wash the cushions!".

On the topic of wines, we were curious about how many the girls go through when shooting the show, Yvie gave us the low down saying, "in the first season we used to smash the wines, now we smash the teas. We used to get through a bottle or two. Sometimes I would watch the show and be like I do not remember that..."


When asked about their worst TV moment on the show so far, the pair revealed it was the hour long episode of Dr. Who saying, "imagine you've never ever seen or heard of a show and have no idea what's going on and then sit through an hour of it? It was terrible! I'll never get that hour back!..."

SO, what TV shows are the girls obsessed with when not filming Gogglebox? The Handmaids Tale, Big Little Lies and in fact, Yvie was ducking off to watch TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) right after our interview!

You can catch Season 6 of Gogglebox on Foxtel's Lifestyle Channel at 7:30pm on Wednesdays and on Network Ten at 8:40pm on Thursdays!