Georgia Broke Down On 'The Block' Last Night After Keith & Dan Cut Her Power!

Fixing defects is stressful!

Georgia Broke Down On 'The Block' Last Night After Keith & Dan Cut Her Power! Channel Nine

This week on The Block, foremen Keith and Dan have been inspecting every nook and cranny of the teams' homes to make sure there are no health and safety hazards or defects that potential buyers could find.

After surveying Ronnie and Georgia's home, the foremen had to explain that their main defects were all electrical and that they were so bad, that they needed to immediately stop work and shut their power down.

Dan explained that there were major issues in pretty much every corner of their house.

"We're thinking of shutting this house down.

"Electrical issues everywhere, we've got wires exposed in three separate areas that are live.

"We've got a meter box that's not even fitted off properly, so we're shutting this house down."


This meant that Ronnie and Georgia's work would be delayed until an electrician was able to fix all of the issues.

The other teams seemed to all have specific defects of their own to worry about, but Georgia absolutely erupted when she was told that they had to stop working.

She left the room crying and as Keith and Dan cut power, Georgia simply said that what they were doing was "bullsh**"

"I'm just f***ing p***ed off that this has come to this point.

"I'm just really highly f***ing stressed, that's where I'm at right now.

"I don't want to f***ing be on camera right now, for f***s sake."

Although Ronnie and Georgia's home needed to be shut down, they weren't actually the couple with the most defects!

That hefty load belongs to Hannah and Clint who currently have a mountain of defects to fix.


Unfortunately, Ronnie and Georgia were the only team that had to stop work and still continue to pay their tradesmen because their electrical issues were that severe.

Let's hope that their electrician is a fast worker...